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CourierParcel is the simplest and cheapest way to compare shipping rates for your parcel. Compare prices from Australia's largest courier carriers who offer delivery within the Australia and to over 216 countries.

We've got the best names in the business for your parcel delivery needs.

We provide delivery quotes and bookings directly to the courier companies that we act for below. Because hundreds of people in Australia and around the world use us daily, we're able to gain access to much more competitive shipping rates - it's a win win!

What do our customers say about us.

The people who have send parcels through us, have some of their great experience about the services.

This services has been AWESOME since we started using. I recommend it for CHEAPEST & FASTEST courier services in Sydney.

Sophie Hinh

"It works great, it's like webjet only for my hobby train sales on Ebay. I've saved quite a bit now."

James Halcrow
Blue River Models

"It's the cheapest way to send parcels to my family back home. Give it a try, it's addictive and makes me feel good to pay as least for shipping as possible."

Kristy Burrows
Studying Abroad

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